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Work-life balance

Work-life balance is about managing the juggling act between paid work and other activities. Research suggests that improving the balance between working lives and lives outside work, can bring real benefits for employers and employees.
Employees in companies already implementing work-life practices enjoy significant benefits such as:

Good work-life balance policies and practices are good for business. Some of the benefits for the company and its employees are:

Getting and keeping the right employees

Getting the best from employees

Being an 'employer of choice' and future proofing

Being an ‘employer of choice’ can provide the competitive edge for attracting talent. Employees who are positive about their workplace help to foster a positive attitude in the wider community. Increasingly businesses are adopting practices that make a positive difference for the environment and society. Employees are a vital business resource, so it makes sound business sense to develop and protect this resource.

Improving productivity

We have a number of informal policies in place that foster a balance between an employees work-life and their life outside work

Professional Membership

We strongly encourages all employees to become a member of a professional organisation that is relevant to our activities. Where a quality competence graded membership is available, we will provide a system that supports personal development to assist an individual with the attainment of competence graded membership.

Professional Service

We encourage all employees to actively participate in their primary professional organisation and/or technical interest group for which they are a Member by taking an active role on the organisations branch or national leadership committee. Being part of a profession means contributing to the support, promotion and growth of that profession.

Professional Development

We will provide external training opportunities for employees relevant to their role and professional development requirements, such as conference attendance or structured course, where these requirements cannot be met by in-house training.

Competitive Salary

We are committed to offering salaries that are competitive with market rates. We review and benchmark salaries against industry information from reliable and trustworthy sources as well as monitoring market trends.