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The Challenge

Abley were commissioned by Auckland Transport to determine how best to monitor cycling numbers in Auckland as a means of measuring progress towards achieving Auckland’s cycling goals.  These goals are to achieve an additional 2.5M cycle trips a year, and that across all of Auckland by 2040 45% of trips in the morning peak are non-car-based (23% at present).  The project included determining the most appropriate cycle counting technology, developing a plan for monitoring cycle numbers in the study area, and developing a broad counting programme including count locations, count durations and estimated cost.

The Solution

A list of proposed cycle projects for the period 2015-2018 was prepared.  Existing cycle permanent and temporary cycle count technologies were assessed.  Inductive loop detection technology was recommended for permanent counters, plus pneumatic tubes for very short term counting.  A proposed cycle monitoring programme was developed which included a prioritised list of 14 new permanent count sites in addition to the 22 existing permanent sites; 10 new semi-permanent sites (operating at least 4-6 months/year); plus 13 new temporary sites (in place for 2-6 weeks).  The total number of proposed automatic count sites was increased to 68 including 55 permanent and semi-permanent sites.

The Outcome

The report identified the locations and types of monitoring devices to be installed together with the establishment of an implementation programme.

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