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The Challenge

In 2015 Auckland had 608 death and serious injury crashes (DSi crashes).  This was 27.5% above the 2014 total which was itself well above the 2012 minimum of 421 DSis.  The new target is to reduce the number of DSis to 410 by 2020 or around 6.5% per year.  The challenge is to develop a more targeted identification and prioritisation of road safety efforts and investment to replace the existing wide range of initiatives.

The Solution

An investment strategy for Auckland Transport was developed, which aligns with the NZTA business case approach and incorporates a continuous improvement ethos, targeting the most effective and efficient areas, and ensuring the benefits are clearly measurable.  The process is a continuous cyclical six stage approach undertaken throughout the year.  It is one of continuous improvement of both the strategy as well as the achievement of targets, development of new targets and evaluation of progress.  The report applies Stages 1 and 2 to Auckland.  Stage 1 analyses the crash data for trends, and by type and location.  Stage 2 produces an indicative proportionate investment allocation for each geographical sector (urban north, urban central, rural south etc).  It then identifies the proportion of DSi crashes by causation (pedestrians, cyclists, intersections, loss of control etc) in each sector to assist in prioritising investment/budget.  The remaining stages are then discussed briefly.  These are 3 Establish the Predicted Reductions, 4 Define Detailed Scheme Programme, 5 Implement Programme, and 6 Assess the Progress of the Programme.

The Outcome

Implementation of the process requires a number of actions.  These include creating a tool to identify priorities by sector; forecasting predicted crash reductions for interventions; generating a prioritised programme; and developing a tool for comparing actual performance with predicted performance.

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