The Challenge

Abley were engaged to provide transport engineering and design advice on the proposed site layout for the first two stages of the development of 72 ha land on the western side of Pukekohe.  The total development comprised approximately 720 dwellings, a small neighbourhood centre, a new primary school, a new sports park, conservation areas and open space.  The review focused on safety and functionality and included a proposed roundabout between site Road 1 and Victoria Street.

The Solution

The review advice included reducing corner radii to reduce pedestrian crossing distances, details on the transition from a shared path onto the road carriageway, discussions on need for on-street cycle lanes and on options for the Victoria Street West and cross-section, the Road 8 layout, parking bay and vehicle crossing design, and comments on the proposed design of the proposed roundabout at the intersection between site Road 1 and Victoria Street West.

The Outcome

The review resulted in safety and operational improvements to the design that were accepted by both the client and consenting authority.