Resource Consent for Hagley Cricket Oval

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The Canterbury Cricket Association was looking for resource consent for a new pavilion at Hagley Oval. They were looking to improve their facilities, aiming to accommodate more spectators and meet the needs of television broadcasters as they sought to secure hosting rights to several games in the upcoming Cricket World Cup. The viability of their plans hinged significantly on traffic management, with the city’s main hospital, located adjacent to the Oval, already placing high demands on infrastructure in the area.


We produced forecasts relating to anticipated traffic flow and parking demand during major games, and identified temporary measures to deal with the increased need. We developed ideas around alternative ways to access the Oval (such as special bus services) and identified different strategies depending on the importance of matches and the likely attendance at those events.  We also assessed the effects of construction traffic to the environment during the redevelopment phase, and estimated the construction costs involved in establishing temporary access ways.


After presenting a significant amount of technical evidence to the Environment Court in order to prove that any risks and long-term effects could be managed, resource consent was granted.  Our Access Management Strategies, which demonstrated the viability of hosting certain games, were signed off, and strategies to ensure the right amount of resources were allocated to each event were approved. 

Service Area: RMA