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In order to make use of the valuable insights offered by road users, the Christchurch Traffic Operations Centre (CTOC) wanted a more efficient way to collate and review the complaints they received. In contrast to their existing system, which was simply an Excel spreadsheet where data was recorded in a very static and one-dimensional format, they wanted a system that would allow them to visualise and contextualise the information provided by the public.


We designed a solution which took the information received, geocoded it into GIS data and then displayed it within a web mapping tool. We developed both the models that made this possible and the website which showcases the data.


The new system brought a sense of reality to the data they received, and helped them recognise trends and understand where regular problems were occurring. The system made it easier for CTOC to access and use the feedback they get from the public and enhanced their ability to improve the safety and efficiency of their network.

Service Area: GIS