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Auckland Transport engaged Abley to provide congestion modelling in the Auckland Region.  The goal was to identify where congestion was at different times of the day for different modes and to additionally consider if key infrastructure factors enabled certain treatment options.


Abley utilised the traffic volumes and mode splits contained within the RAMM dataset to provide a consistent input on the volume of HCVs and cars on each road link.  In addition key attributes such as the number of lanes and intersection types where mapped.  Daily traffic volumes were converted to peak and interpeak volumes through the interpretation using numerous 24 hour traffic count surveys.  Fine detail TomTom travel speed data was then used to directional travel speed and this was compared to the freeflow speed to determine delay.  


The outputs enabled a link by link as well as a spatial and temporal assessment of congestion across the network.  The combination of volume and delay by mode enabled a comparative value to be determined and consequently the development of a programme of investment.

Service Area: Asset and Network Management


Colin Congestion Mapping