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The New Zealand Transport Agency was seeking a consistent way to describe the customer service delivery story for each state highway corridor (for example, Port Chalmers to Bluff) in the country.  The performance of the corridor would be assessed against the One Network Road Classification framework and consider pressures which affect the level of service, the current state and future proposals.


While a template document was provided, Abley was required to assess and report on a variety of factors including travel time reliability, resilience, amenity, accessibility and safety.  This involved a significant level of research and analysis involving multiple data-sets and engagement with key stakeholders.

In addition to the specific corridor management plans that Abley was responsible for developing, based on our extensive road safety experience, we were also required to develop and produce the safety analysis for every CMP that was produced.


Management plans were produced for the Waipara to Inangahua (SH7,7A, 65 & 69), Milton to Cromwell (SH8) and Port Chalmers to Bluff (SH1, 86, 88 & 93).  Along with the plans for the other twenty-seven corridors, it is now possible to consistently and systematically compare all segments of the state highway network for their relative performance and forward investment programme.

Service Area: Asset and Network Management

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