Cycle network economic evaluation

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The latest in a range of projects relating to Dunedin City Council’s (DCC) cycle strategy, this job involved generating a benefit-cost ratio (BCR) to assist in their application to the NZ Transport Agency for funding of a portion of their strategic cycle network. As the task involved assessing an entire network, rather than just one route, we were forced to think outside the square.


We used GIS technology to forecast how much use the proposed cycleways would attract and then applied the Economic Evaluation Manual to generate a BCR. We also conducted Sensitivity Testing and produced a report which included advice on how to fund the project.


Our findings, which included several different solutions based on varying levels of financial commitment, provided the DCC with the data they needed to apply for funding. This was an ever-evolving project, with the DCC regularly asking us to run various scenarios through our systems as they explored new opportunities and ideas for their cycle network.

Service Area: Active Transport, Business Cases and Funding