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Dunedin City Council (DCC) were finding themselves inundated with suggestions and advice regarding existing and proposed cycling facilities in and around the city. They were looking for help to explain and justify the decisions they had already made and the plans they had laid for the future, and sought our advice. With no pre-existing ‘manual’ for cycle facilities there was a considerable amount of ‘new thinking’ involved in this project.


We developed a brief manual outlining a range of infrastructure that can assist cyclists in mid-block locations, that is, between intersections. The manual sets out when a particular facility is appropriate in terms of the target user, the road environment required to accommodate the facility, the potential safety benefits, indicative construction costs, and particular design considerations. The manual also sets out key considerations when designing cycle routes.


The collateral we produced conveys technical information to a non-technical audience in an accessible manner. It is a resource that council staff use when consulting with the public, and also acts as an internal resource to ensure everyone within the DCC is on the same page.

Service Area: Active Transport