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Abley were approached to develop a web based application for Transport Accident Commission (TAC) and the Victoria Police. The aim of the web-app is to assist Victoria Police with identifying parts of the high speed rural road network (within the Victorian State boundary) where enforcement is most likely to reduce crashes and their severity.  To achieve this, a process was required to efficiently prioritise road corridors for speed enforcement.


The team analysed crash history data on road corridors and applied a ratio of all speed related crashes vs those that resulted in a DSI (death or serious injury). All sites exceeding a threshold of speed related crashes were prioritised for enforcement activities. In addition, the team developed a methodology to filter sites where speed enforcement is ineffective due to road curvature or windy terrain resulting in lower speeds.


A web-based application, hosted by Interpret, was developed allowing TAC and Victoria Police to view and interrogate the results. This included a userguide and StoryMap detailing the methodology.

Business Area: Strategic Road Safety

Enhanced Crash Viewer TAC