Strategic transport advice for the Basin Reserve proposed flyover

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Deemed a ‘project of national significance’, the NZ Transport Agency’s proposed flyover adjacent to Wellington’s Basin Reserve drew significant opposition from a number of groups, and a Board of Inquiry was appointed by the Environmental Protection Authority to make a determination. The board requested an independent transport advisor to study evidence from both sides, and we were approached to fill that role. 


For approximately four months we reviewed a huge volume of material from both sides, with two members of our team working full-time on the project. We summarised the various opinions, forming our own views on the relative merits of each position. We then engaged with the other parties and their respective transport advisors to try and resolve as many issues as possible before the hearing commenced. We attended the three-plus month long hearing where we were joined by other impartial experts, including urban design, visual affects and heritage specialists.


Our ability to distil very complex transport issues into an understandable format and to identify the key aspects of each side’s arguments, provided the Board with helpful and timely independent advice to support the Board. It was the first time a board of inquiry in New Zealand had sought independent transport advice, and they were quick to compliment us on the extensive and detailed work we produced.

Service Area: Strategy and Policy