The Challenge

A need to increase capacity, a desire to rearrange the way heavy vehicles accessed their site, and a focus on improving safety drove Foodstuffs to enlist our services as they redesigned the intersection outside their Wainoni Road supermarket in Christchurch. To ensure traffic continued to flow during the redevelopment, and to preserve the safety of both motorists and pedestrians, we needed to employ several separate, but cohesive, steps to implement our solutions.

The Solution

We designed a new intersection layout for Foodstuffs with signalled crossing facilities and remodelled the signal timings. We then worked closely with the key contractor to coordinate the execution of the project. We provided onsite expertise, helping to determine what excavation was necessary and where equipment should be laid-out and poured a significant amount of time and resources into temporary traffic management to ensure the project could proceed both safely and efficiently.

The Outcome

The project was completed with minimal disruption to traffic flow and site access. The new layout provided safer crossing facilities for pedestrians and enhanced the overall functionality of the intersection. There was a significant reduction in delays, and heavy vehicles were able to reach the supermarket in a more efficient manner.