Strategic review of walking and cycling plans

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The Gisborne District Council (GDC) were looking to update their urban development strategy, and, in conjunction with both their annual plans and their long-term consultation plans, wanted to revisit their walking and cycling strategy. While their existing strategy was sound it lacked the detail needed to keep the community informed, and they recognised the need to develop a clear, concise plan moving forward.


We conducted stakeholder workshops and undertook a comprehensive review of their annual plan submissions, looking at where walking and cycling fitted into their transport system as a whole. Drawing on the insights gained from this research, coupled with our own knowledge and international trends, we developed a plan for a new network that would integrate walking and cycling into their community’s transport system more efficiently.


The ideas and solutions we presented were designed to provide value for money and give the GDC ‘more bang for their buck’. Our report clearly identified the important role walking and cycling played in the day-to-day lives of the community and underlined a need to focus more resources and attention on developing this important facet of the city’s transport system.

Service Area: Active Transport, Business Cases and Funding