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The Hamilton City Council (HCC) asked us to update the city’s accessibility model, taking into account a number of significant subdivisions and changes to infrastructure that had occurred in recent years. They wanted a clear overview of which areas within the city had poor access to key amenities and facilities so they could adapt their long-term plans accordingly.


We studied four modes of transport – walking, cycling, driving (in private vehicles) and public transport – and investigated how easy it was to access a range of facilities and destinations using each mode. We produced ‘accessibility scores’ to help concisely convey the findings of our study, and developed a model which not only included accessibility surfaces (maps) but also had significant scope to produce data on very specific locations and demographics, that is, which suburbs have a lot of school-aged children living in them but have poor access to schools.


We created a web viewer for the HCC that became an integral part of their approach to planning. It not only helped them prioritise where new infrastructure was needed, but was also used to chart progress and measure the impact of improvements over time. Our model provided them with the data and insights they needed to evaluate the city’s new cycle strategy, and was also used to analyse accessibility issues relating to schools, medical centres, shopping complexes, event centres and employment opportunities throughout Hamilton.

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