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The Challenge

Hamilton City Council’s City Centre Transformational Plan includes the installation of parking technology in the CBD to help attract more customers to the CBD and hence foster economic growth.

The Solution

Abley investigated alternative technologies and recommended the introduction of a sensor-based system that uses sensors on the road surface at each parking space which detect whether the parking space is occupied.  The wireless sensors communicate real-time parking data via the internet.  The system helps customers find vacant spaces (through an app on their smart phones), improves enforcement efficiency, and provides detailed usage data and reports.  Benefits also include improved customer satisfaction of on-street parking, better utilisation of available spaces, reduced cruising to find a vacant space, removal of unattractive coin parking meters, increased revenue and lower operating costs.  In addition, the data collected will facilitate the evaluation of, and future adjustments to parking pricing structures.  The business case included the estimation of the risks, capital costs and ongoing operational cost savings, stakeholder engagement and a proposed implementation plan.

The Outcome

The sensor-based system has been implemented.

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