Bridge management and network efficiency

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With a limited budget for maintaining and building bridges the Hastings District Council (HDC) wanted a way to focus their annual spending on priority projects. They asked us to review their road system and determine which bridges played the most important roles in the network. They also asked us to suggest ways they could improve the efficiency of their network as a whole.


Using GIS, we created accessibility models, focusing on which routes heavy vehicles used to access the state highway. By analysing modelled routes we determined which bridges were attracting the most use and would consequently require the most upkeep. We also reviewed where funding was currently being allocated, looking to isolate not only bridges that required more resources, but also those currently receiving more funding than necessary.


We suggested a number of ways the HDC could get better value for money out of their network. These included increasing the load ratings on specific bridges to accommodate heavier vehicles, and redesigning certain routes to cut down overall road use and lessen wear and tear. We helped them recognise the ten most important bridges within their network, and provided them with the data they needed for the creation of a long-term plan to improve the efficiency of their bridges, and their roading network in general.

Service Area: GIS