Speed Camera Site Selection

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Having received funding for approximately 65 new speed cameras the New Zealand Police (NZP) asked us, as independent experts, to objectively analyse the best locations around the country to position those cameras. Given the high visibility of this project it was vital that the process was robust and transparent and accurately reflected the NZP’s ongoing commitment to improving road safety throughout the country.


Using GIS we analysed New Zealand’s entire network of roads at a detail of approximately 100m, resulting in roughly 1.3 million segments. We then reviewed all of the crash data from the last ten years, filtering out the speed related accidents and marrying that data with the relevant segments in which those events occurred. Looking for ‘corridors of high risk’ we isolated 1200 prospective sites, then created a website (which was integrated with Google Streetview) that would allow the NZP to visualise and study these locations.


The website streamlined the NZP’s process, enabling them to conduct initial reviews of all locations before embarking on costly site visits. Working online they refined the list of suggested locations to just 150, each of which was individually evaluated. The outcome was an incredibly successful one, with the first of the new speed cameras being introduced just outside Wellington. Multiple other sites soon followed, all of which had been identified in our analysis.

Service Area: GIS