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This research project, funded by the New Zealand Transport Agency, set out to investigate how emerging technologies could be used to inform the Transport Agency on the performance of the New Zealand State Highway network. The NZ Transport Agency required a proof of concept model to be developed, demonstrating the range of network monitoring indicators that could be informed by emerging data sets available in New Zealand.


We reviewed local and international literature about Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and studied international trends and best practices. We also looked into which New Zealand operators were providing data via key emerging technologies such as Bluetooth, GPS, weigh-in-motion and mobile. We then sourced data sets and produced a GIS model to demonstrate how specific tools could be employed to measure network performance including measures of efficiency, road safety, emissions and activity levels. 


The web-based 'proof-of-concept' model we produced demonstrated the potential for GPS and Bluetooth technologies to provide valuable data relation to various aspects of the NZ Transport Agency's business. Our work also supported the subsequent development of the Transport Data Warehouse, an initiative we're actively involved in as technical advisors. 


Service Area: ITS