Top 100 Highest Risk Intersections in New Zealand

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Every two years the NZ Transport Agency produces an action plan for their Safer Journeys programme (the Transport Agency’s road safety strategy for 2010-2020), highlighting their goals for the next 24-month period. Between 2013-2015 one of the activities was to focus on identifying the 100 highest risk intersections in the country, and to develop solutions for the improvement of a number of those key sites.


We developed a script that obtained crash information for every intersection in the country. That script then attributed a severity rating to every crash based on the intersection form and speed environment. From this we produced a list of the 100 highest-risk intersections. We conducted extensive manual checks, refining the list accordingly before circulating it to every road controlling agency with intersections on the list.


This was a proactive assignment; the results of our research did not necessarily reflect what had happened. Instead they looked to the future, seeking to identify ways to avoid serious injuries and prevent fatalities from occurring moving forward. The list we produced enabled each agency around the country to develop strategies for improving the safety at each of these high-risk sites.

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