The Challenge

The New Zealand Transport Agency engaged Abley to deliver the Port Chalmers to Bluff Corridor Management Plan.  The objective was to describe the service delivery story for State Highways maintenance, operations, renewals and improvements for the Port Chalmers to Bluff corridor, and for all activities within that corridor.  The intention is to convey the investment story by outlining the key pressures, current state and the response the Agency is investing to deliver the customer levels of service along the State Highway corridor.

The Solution

Abley held workshops with the Agency to identify the key pressures and future considerations of the Port Chalmers to Bluff corridor.  The performance of the current state of the corridor was also assessed against the key levels of service and areas for improvement were noted.  Key factors such as drivers for change, commuters, traffic volumes, critical customers and environmental concerns were all taken into consideration as part of the investment story.

The Outcome

A report outlining the investment story by detailing the current performance, key pressures and future considerations of the Port Chalmers to Bluff corridor in terms of levels of service was produced.  Infographics were also provided to help visualise the performance of the corridor against the individual levels of service areas and key pressures facing the corridor. 

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