The Challenge

To cope with the high level of population and visitor growth in Queenstown, the future form and function of Queenstown town centre is being considered.  Abley were engaged to provide transport modelling and transport economics to support the development of the Queenstown Town Centre Masterplan Indicative Business Case (IBC). The unique transport environment in Queenstown introduced a high level of uncertainty and complexity to this project. 

The Solution

Taking into consideration the likely uptake of public transport in alignment with the draft recommended programme from the Queenstown Integrated Transport PBC, as well as changes in parking provision, bus priority, bus hub and introduction of new town centre arterials from the Masterplan PBC, several programme scenarios were modelled. Using the modelling outputs, economic evaluations for each scenario were developed and benefit cost ratios and investment return considered.

The Outcome

The economic evaluation was developed using a combination of three stage strategic transportation modelling and a first principles evaluation of likely changes in modal share.  Best practice assumptions were made in alignment with the NZ Transport Agency EEM procedures as far as practicable producing a conservative evaluation.  Sensitivity testing was undertaken to demonstrate the robustness of the assessment. 

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