The Challenge

Communication technology and electronic sensors are constantly advancing. Understanding what real time information can be provided and whether it is necessary to provide in real time to improve network service delivery is challenging. This research explores the opportunities and challenges of real-time technology and data in supporting network and asset management activities.

The Solution

A literature review explored the range of real-time technologies available for network and asset management purposes, and engagement with stakeholders and industry experts provided insight into network and asset management information needs and the current applications of real-time technologies. Abley developed a classification scheme for technology applications and broad opportunities (and potential pitfalls) were identified for the application of real-time technology. Case studies explored two different real-time applications in depth, and strategic opportunities and challenges identified. 

The Outcome

This research identified opportunities for developing real-time applications in improving the speed at which incidents are identified, predicting impact of incidents to the wider network, improving the detection of defects and hazards, and keeping people safe in high risk locations. The challenges lie in the management of big data sets, available expertise to design and implement real-time technologies and the integration of the human element to meaningfully interpret outputs.

The full research report will be available on the NZ Transport Agency website soon.

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