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The advance of technology has created several rich sources of data to analyse road network performance and freight patterns. New technology is also driving intelligent transport systems (ITS) designed to improve transport operations. This research aimed to develop a better understanding of how existing and real-time data sources could be used to manage network performance and improve journey predictability for urban freight in Auckland using ITS solutions. 


Drawing on previous research and a wide range of international literature and case studies, the research Abley provided an overview of the role of ITS and the innovative ways technology is being applied to measure congestion and manage infrastructure more effectively. Extensive industry stakeholder engagement revealed a high level of frustration and urgency to find solutions to improve network efficiency and an acknowledgement of the role of technology alongside infrastructure and regulatory measures to support efficient urban freight movement. 


Through identifying network inefficiencies, consideration was given to the types of solutions including intelligent transport system (ITS) technologies that could be applied to support more efficient movement of freight in urban areas. Five case studies demonstrate the application of technological solutions to manage and improve network performance with regard to network efficiency, network optimisation and improved journey predictability for urban freight in Auckland.

The full research report 625 is available for download from the NZ Transport Agency website. 

Service Area: Asset and Network Management, Transport Planning


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