Rolleston town centre streetscape design

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Looking to establish a defined town centre for Rolleston, the Selwyn District Council (SDC) came to us for transport advice to complement the master plan they were creating. They wanted to establish the street cross sections and intersection designs that would allow the Rolleston town centre vision as set out in the master plan to be achieved. There was also a need to understand the cost of the streetscape upgrades to allow funding to be allocated.


Using the movement and access networks included in the master plan and the results of a transport model of Rolleston we had developed previously, we created options for the cross section of each street. This included how to accommodate cyclists, consideration of footpath widths and on-street parking layouts. We presented our recommendations to the councillors and liaised closely with other team members to achieve their urban design and asset management aspirations.


Our recommendations helped SDC finalise the Rolleston town centre master plan and understand the cost to implement the proposed streetscape upgrades. It brought clarity to the conceptual plans they already had in place, and gave them a detailed overview of the development that lay in front of them. 

Service Area: Streetscape