The Challenge

Abley were engaged to carry out pre-business case high-level research and stakeholder engagement to assess the economic and tourism importance of a remote State Highway, and the consequences of its current state of maintenance and resilience, along with the strategic importance of the highway as the secondary lifeline in the event of a parallel State Highway being closed.

The Solution

Through the assessment of stakeholder feedback, future anticipated traffic growth, crash history analysis and the routes impacts on resilience and the economy, Abley were able to provide an assessment of the potential benefits and disbenefits from additional operational expenditure and more specifically, sealing of the last remaining unsealed section.  Cost benefit calculation included sensitivity testing to aid in the decision-making process.

The Outcome

The report recommended four key actions including consideration of reclassification of the road, an consequential uplift in maintenance funding, additional enhancements to address safety and sealing of the remaining section of the highway.

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