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Abley delivers solutions that capture existing asset conditions and analyse how interventions can most effectively address broader network outcomes to support the decision making process.

Our expertise in Asset and Network Management includes utilising existing data sets to efficiently “build the picture”, stakeholder workshops to identify objectives and testing scenarios to determine the optimal use of funds.

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Network Operating Plans (NOPs)

NOPs look at the movement of people and goods by different modes, at different times, and in a land use or “Place” context.  The process puts RCA in a better position to re-negotiate maintenance programmes and improvement programmes by aligning multiply stakeholder needs with aligned strategic objectives informing decision makers of the trade-offs between strategies. 

Corridor Management Plans

Similar to NOPs, but limited to particular corridors and their immediate surroundings.  Being more focused, they may include wider consultation with the public on specific objectives and potential solutions.

Data Reporting Tools

To efficiently build knowledge of network performance, we utilise our GIS skills to manipulate other data to systematically and repeatedly report on system operation.  This includes data such as TomTom data to measure movement speed through the data, Traffic modelling, traffic signal and RAMM data to measure volumes of modes or other measures, accessibility modelling and risk mapping.  We can further enhance mapping through interpretation of census and Journey to Work data.


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