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Funding is often the deciding factor in whether worthwhile projects continue to construction.

We work within the NZ Transport Agency’s Investment Assessment Framework to provide inputs to funding applications including compiling strategic fit and effectiveness evidence and cost and benefit appraisal.

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Our services range from assisting to develop a strategic case and programme of works and engaging with the Transport Agency through to assessing the benefit cost ratio of a project as part of the final stages of the funding application.In particular our experience includes appraisal of road safety projects, cycle networks, key pedestrian facilities and school travel plans.

Programme development

An early step towards receiving funding is to identify activities that fit with the direction of the Government Policy Statement.  We have experience prioritising and identifying the activities within a programme that align with strategic fit criteria to produce a short-medium term programme of works for implementation.  We often use our specialist GIS skills to prioritise work programmes at a District, Regional or National level using available data as appropriate.

Business case compilation support

As a project advances through the Investment Assessment Framework there are various levels of supporting information required.  We have experience compiling the required information to support the funding application for a given activity(ies).  Throughout this process we regularly liaise with NZ Transport Agency officers to ensure that all of their information requirements are met.  We also have experience providing support for the Investment Logic Mapping (ILM) phase of a business case through organising and involvement in ILM workshops and compiling the resulting information into a useable document.

Benefit and Cost Appraisal

Benefit and cost appraisal considers the value of what is produced from the resources invested.  The key output of benefit and cost appraisal is the benefit cost ratio (BCR).  We often use our modelling capability to inform economic appraisal and are very experienced using both simplified and full procedures where applicable across a range of activity types. 

Peer Review

Peer reviews are required for any large and complex projects.  Peer reviews consider the rating given to the project for strategic fit, effectiveness and cost and benefit appraisal.  The review also ensures that the supporting information within the business case is credible and option assessment has been undertaken appropriately.