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Working alongside both independent parties and local authorities we help stakeholders understand the intricacies of the Resource Management Act (RMA) as it applies to transport, and how it impacts specific projects.

We have a proven track record in providing high-quality advice that produces successful outcomes for independent parties, local authorities and the wider community.  Our ability to understand the development process from all sides of the equation provides valuable insights into the transport demands proposed developments and planning changes will bring.


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Integrated Transport Assessment (ITA) reports

As authors of the national guidance on ITA reports – Research Report 422 Integrated Transport Assessment Guidelines to say we understand best practice for Integrated Transport Assessment (ITA) reports is an understatement.  Our detailed understanding of the planning framework enables us to provide valuable insights into the additional transport demands that proposed developments will bring and the acceptability of any changes.  Our ITA reports are customised to reflect the scale and intensity of the proposal as well as the alignment with planning requirements.

Resource Consents

We provide independent transport planning advice for developers and planning authorities for a wide variety and scale of development proposals.  We offer a complete service package for the assessment of transport matters: from District Plan compliance and site layout design guidance on access, parking and active transport considerations, through to accessibility evaluations and transport modelling for larger developments.  We understand the balance between commercial decisions and local authority transport aspirations, and always seek to provide practical recommendations that create a win-win situation for all involved. 

Private Plan Changes

A Private Plan Change revises or introduces new provisions into a District Plan and can involve zone changes or amendments to rules.  As any new development invariably effects the wider community in some way these plan changes are required to go through public notification, submission and hearing processes which include the right of appeal to the Environment Court. Our team has an excellent understanding of strategic visions, policy and rules based outcomes, and provides expert advice on Private Plan Changes to align commercial considerations with local authority transport aspirations.  

Expert Witness

Getting the right advice from the right team is essential for high-profile, contentious or particularly complex development proposals.  We are the national experts when it comes to preparing Integrated Transport Assessment (ITA) reports and assessing proposals prepared by others.  We act for developers, planning authorities and community groups in Hearings and the Environment Court, and are the only transport planning firm to have been appointed by a Board of Inquiry on behalf of the Environmental Protection Authority to provide independent transport advice.  If you need expert traffic and transport planning advice – come and talk to us.

Development Contributions

Development contributions help councils fund network improvements and the infrastructure that is essential to support growing neighbourhoods. Where a new project creates the need for new assets the council applies development contributions to fund the work.  Using our hands-on knowledge of the Development Contribution Policy we work alongside Council to determine the traffic impact inputs they need for their development contribution models.

Strategy, Policy and Plan Development

Sound policy is critical for the long-term development of a sustainable transport network. Using a positive, proactive approach we help develop visions, policies and objectives, working alongside key stakeholders to inform decision makers and quantify the positive and negative effects of policy change. Using cutting-edge analysis techniques we provide a range of services, including advice on District Plan rewrites and the development of management strategies for Councils.

Retail Assessments

New retail developments invariably impact the community and its transportation system.  Retail assessments study the significance of that impact, considering whether the overall scope of the project justifies the likely outcomes, and investigating both the short and long-term effects on the existing retail environment.  Our assessments also consider whether the proposed development is better suited to alternate sites, and our team are often called upon to present expert evidence to Planning Hearings on retail issues.