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It’s one thing to collect data; it’s another thing to understand it by turning it into intuitive, targeted useful information.

We strive to make information as accessible as possible, constantly looking for new ways to help key stakeholders make sense of complex and detailed information.

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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

GIS has revolutionised the way we collate and analyse information, identify patterns and trends, answer hypothetical questions and find solutions to technical transportation problems. Using a range of programmes and digital tools our skilled team use GIS to arm decision makers with knowledge by collecting and manipulating spatial data, analysing it, and presenting the findings in an intuitive, accessible platform. Abley specialise in the presentation of large complex datasets through innovative web mapping solutions such as NZTA’s SafetyNET tool.

Transportation GIS

Transportation professionals the world over have discovered and embraced GIS as an important tool in managing, planning, evaluating, and maintaining transportation systems. Transportation and GIS has been used for many diverse purposes. These include modelling travel demand and supply of facilities, improving road safety, combining social media and real-time information inside an intuitive portal/medium and improvement of capital expenditure and planning of resources from limited infrastructure budgets. GIS is also frequently utilised to help plan and design public transport and active transport networks. Abley have a diverse range of experience in all of these GIS transportation applications and are the New Zealand experts in the use of GIS in the Transportation industry.

3D Visualisation

3D Visualisation enables us to view and scrutinize proposed developments before construction begins, generating an unlimited number of detailed perspectives and providing valuable insights prior to the start of construction. Our vastly experienced team are capable of delivering 3D visualisation outputs at both micro and macro levels, from individual street or intersection developments to accessibility studies of entire regions. We also use 3D visualisation to display GIS findings, with the outputs supporting publications, reports and video presentations.

GIS beyond transport needs

In response to growing demand, Abley Transportation Consultants has extended its GIS offerings under a specific GIS brand - Interpret Geospatial Solutions.  Offering a range of highly-specialised services, Interpret develop solutions to enable their clients to collate data, manage and analyse data, display the results and utilise the findings.  Interprets expertise includes python scripting, server configuration and maintenance, automated map production, geospatial asset management, web mapping and development, network analysis, GIS training and data migration. Key industries include electrical and telecommunication utilities, central and local government, property management/real estate and the contracting/construction sectors.