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Combining our traffic engineering and transportation planning skills with specialist modelling expertise and tools, allows us to analyse current and future transport scenarios.

We play a central role in planning New Zealand’s ever-changing transport system by working collaboratively with our partners and applying leading transport planning tools and techniques to deliver optimal outcomes for our clients.

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Business cases development

We are experienced in applying the business case approach in complex environments to identify integrated transport solutions.  Our services include developing strategic and programme business cases and providing strategic advice, transport planning and modelling input to indicative and detailed business cases.

We also provide business case peer reviews to provide a greater assurance to investors that a robust process has been followed in the development of the business case, and that the recommendations are worthy of investment.

Transport strategy, policy and plan development

Sound policy is critical for the long-term development of a sustainable transport network.  We help develop visions, policies and objectives, working alongside key stakeholders to inform decision makers and quantify the positive and negative effects of policy change. Using cutting-edge analysis techniques, we provide a range of services, including advice on District Plan Reviews and the development of management strategies.

Transport modelling

Our specialist modelling team deliver transport modelling solutions at the macro, meso, micro and intersection scale as well as GIS-based accessibility modelling. We use Cube Base and Voyager, and Tracks strategic transport modelling software to demonstrate the impact of roading and public transport infrastructure investment, residential and commercial development, and changes in transport policy.

Microsimulation represents the behaviour of individual vehicles in a road network and is becoming increasingly popular as a specialist tool for modelling congested urban areas. We specialise in utilising S-Paramics for microsimulation assessments. 

The performance of an intersection often determines the overall road network efficiency. We use SIDRA Intersection which is an advanced micro-analytical traffic evaluation tool to test proposed and existing intersection and accessway designs.

Transport systems and land use are intrinsically linked, yet often they are planned with little consideration of the other effects. We carry out evaluations and reviews of networks, with our specialist staff using purpose-built GIS models to analyse and communicate accessibility issues.

Network Operating Plans (NOPs)

NOPs seek to optimise the transport network by considering the movement of people and goods by mode, time of day, and land use context.  The process puts road controlling authorities in a better position to develop or re-negotiate maintenance and improvement programmes by aligning stakeholder needs with aligned strategic objectives informing decision makers of the trade-offs between strategies.

Intelligent Transport Systems

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) can be employed to measure the performance of networks and as a means of optimising performance and/or achieving greater efficiency. We have a strong reputation as providers of ITS research and expert advice.

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Active Transport (Walking and Cycling)

Our team are passionate about creating safe, efficient and enjoyable walking networks, and as a company of keen cyclists we are immensely proud of the role we play in developing and promoting cycle networks.  Our approach to well-designed infrastructure in the right location is critical to encouraging these modes and keeping them safe. 


A Travel Plan is a package of actions for a school, workplace or other organisation to encourage healthy, safe and sustainable travel.  Our team can assist with developing and implementing a Travel Plan (TravelWhiz) that is tailored to your needs including identifying parking, public transport and active modes requirements.

Public Transport

We have been heavily involved with the route planning and consultation process of redesigning a network that aims to increase cost effectiveness by removing duplication on key corridors whilst providing good coverage of the city and increasing patronage.

Our combined experience in network planning, public transport strategic policy and operations, can provide assistance with the development of Regional Public Transport Plans, procurement strategies as well as network development.

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