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Accessibility is not just about keeping traffic flowing and cities moving for the short term.

It’s about looking ahead; about understanding the ever-growing needs of the community and putting strategies in place to ensure the transport network evolves accordingly.

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Traffic management

Traffic management is the planning, monitoring and control of traffic to maximise network efficiency and ensure the safety of road users. We prepare permanent and temporary traffic management schemes that do just that – managing traffic speeds, accommodating all modes of transport and recognising vulnerable road users. Working within both new and existing transport systems we help establish more appropriate environments, developing schemes create safe environments that balance the need for mobility versus access. 

Land use accessibility

Transport systems and land use are intrinsically linked, yet often they are planned with little consideration of the other effects. However, we recognise the cyclical relationship these two disciplines share – as accessibility to an area increases new developments are created, which in turn generate more traffic, which inevitably results in accessibility issues. We carry out evaluations and reviews of networks, with our specialist staff using purpose-built GIS models to analyse and communicate accessibility issues. At the end of the day, our ‘bigger picture’ approach enables us to understand and satisfy the access needs of all users.