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Combining Abley Transportation Consultants traffic engineering and transportation planning skills with specialist modelling expertise and tools such as Cube, Paramics and SIDRA Intersection allows us to test, analyse and present the results of a broad range of current and future scenarios.

We play a prominent role in planning New Zealand’s ever-changing transport networks, working collaboratively with organisations throughout the country and using state-of-the-art transport modelling tools to provide the technical rigour required.  Our modelling capability integrates with other core professional services including Expert Witness and Economic Analysis to support resource management and funding applications respectively.

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Strategic Transport Modelling 

Efficient and functional transport networks are key to the success of any urban or rural environment. These networks are vital for the movement of people, products and services and need constant development so that they remain efficient as the needs of the people and the environment around them changes. The team at Abley use Cube Base and Cube Voyager strategic transport modelling software to demonstrate the impact of roading and public transport infrastructure investment, the impact of residential and commercial development, and the impact of changes in transport policy including a range of travel demand management measures. Our modelling expertise can address the needs of all modes of transport and links closely to our Arc-GIS capability to provide innovative, interactive presentation of results.

Traffic microsimulation

Microsimulation is a computer modelling system that represents the behaviour of individual vehicles and their drivers in a road network and is becoming increasingly popular as a specialist tool for modelling congested urban areas. The vehicles observe the rules of the road and interact with other road users through simple behavioural rules including car following, gap acceptance and lane change behaviours. The cumulative effect of modelling individual vehicles is to realistically represent road traffic flow on a physical road network and demonstrate how well the traffic integrates with other modes of transport including public transport services and pedestrian crossing activity. S-Paramics is the software system utilised by Abley Transportation Consultants. 

Intersection Modelling

The performance of an intersection often determines the overall road network efficiency and a detailed intersection assessment can be critical to determine whether an existing network can accommodate changes due to safety improvements, capacity enhancements or changes in priority given to different road users. Intersection modelling is an effective tool that allows changes to be tested and evaluated. SIDRA Intersection is an advanced micro-analytical traffic evaluation tool that employs lane-by-lane and vehicle drive cycle models. It can be used to evaluate and assess intersection capacity, level of service and performance analysis for different types of intersections including priority lanes, roundabouts and traffic signals.