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Abley have the key skills in-house to assist you in determining the acquisition form to achieve an optimal outcome.

Whether it’s developing policy and processes around strategic procurement (methodology to attract the greatest advantage in achieving strategic goals) or writing and evaluating tender documentation, we have the experience and capacity to help.

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Strategic Advice

Understanding your drivers and the supplier market enables a wider view of how you can achieve your strategic goals through smarter procurement.  Small changes to traditional procurement forms can result in significant value for money gain and reduce risk to your organisation.  Conversely retaining ownership of risk and tightly controlling the scope can achieve excellent competitive return.  Our staff have experience in developing and managing procurement for Central and Local Government both in the UK and New Zealand and appreciate that every client, both individually and as an organisation, have their own procurement preferences which need to be understood.

Tender Documentation

Whether we utilise your existing procurement templates or develop bespoke new documentation, we have a broad experience of procurement forms that can be adapted to suit your requirements, be they goods, services or works.

Tender Administration and Evaluation

If you already have documentation ready, we have formally qualified staff to administer, evaluate and award works. So no matter what stage in the procurement process you are at, if you need further support with procuring, Abley are here to help.