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Public Transport is a vital element in ensuring urban transport networks can work efficiently and effectively. It is a key mode choice for many providing access to employment, education and other crucial services. We are keen to engage in improving public transport networks, patronage and the effectiveness of government investment in public transport.

As population density grows public transport continues to play a vital role in our ability to reduce congestion, improve the reliability of travel times, minimise the harm we do to the environment, and enhance people’s travel choices.  By creating a convenient and efficient systems network of well connected services we can increase the appeal of public transport, lessening traffic on our roads and enhance the safety of vulnerable users. In order to develop sustainable transportation solutions Abley can offer an array of services, including network planning and design, priority scoping studies, safety audits and the assessment of interchange sites. Abley can also assist with the development of National Strategic planning documents. 

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Network planning

Developing public transport networks that respond to the changing needs of communities, facilitate increased patronage and improve efficiency play a key part in providing an integrated transport network for an urban area.  We have been heavily involved with the route planning and consultation process of redesigning a network that aims to increase cost effectiveness by removing duplication on key corridors whilst providing good coverage of the city and increasing patronage.

Travel Planning

Travel plans are an integrated approach to planning regular trips for workplaces, schools and other organisations.  Planning to use public transport and active modes (walking and cycling) provide a number of benefits including assisting with reducing congestion and contributing positively to the environment   Education, promoting and incentivising public transport are key to the success of travel planning.  We are able to assist with advice, development and implementation of travel plans including funding applications. 


Transport modelling tools are used to represent the behaviour and interaction of various modes of transport and can be used to assess the likely impact of future roading and public transport investment, residential and commercial developments, policy change and future travel demand patterns.  Transport modelling can assist in public transport assessments as a tool to forecast public transport demand using four stage models, as well as the application of microsimulation modelling to model the impact and operation of bus priority and the routing of services on the road network.

Policy and Operations

Recent legislative changes have meant significant changes to strategic documents that impact public transport provision and investment.  The Public Transport Operating Model (PTOM) has been introduced as a framework focusing on partnering between Regional Councils and transport operators to increase patronage and commerciality of public transport units.  With combined experience in network planning, public transport strategic policy and operations, we can provide assistance with the development of Regional Public Transport plans (RPTP), Procurement Strategies as well as network and unit identification to inform these documents.