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Everyday people rely on decision makers developing and implementing strategies that reflect their needs.

Using a range of tools and methodologies we help inform those decisions, studying the benefits and potential pitfalls associated with proposed projects and learning about the people who live in the communities likely to be affected. These findings help support submissions, guide financial planning, and improve the infrastructure of our towns and cities.

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Strategy, policy and plan development

Sound policy is critical for the long-term development of a sustainable transport network. Using a positive, proactive approach we help develop visions, policies and objectives, working alongside key stakeholders to inform decision makers and quantify the positive and negative effects of policy change. Using cutting-edge analysis techniques we provide a range of services, including advice on District Plan Rewrites and the development of management strategies for Council.

Transport mode investigations and studies

The ever-increasing price of oil and a growing awareness of the transport issues affecting our cities creates an ongoing need for studies into alternate modes of transport. Transport mode investigations and studies are used to collect information relating to the number of people using each mode of transport, and the reasons behind their choices. They consider accessibility to different modes and determine where problems in the existing network lie, ultimately arming our team with the data they need to develop innovative and forward-thinking transport strategies.

Benefit and Cost Appraisal

A key requirement for investing in land transport is delivering value for money on the investment.  Economic evaluation involves determining the optimum use of scarce resources by measuring in monetary terms the private and social costs and benefits of a project to the community and economy.

We provide robust economic assessments based on the NZ Transport Agency’s procedure for assessing economic efficiency known as the Economic Evaluation Manual or other relevant standards.  We are also adept at developing new ways of assessing the economic efficiency of land transport options that do not fit the standard appraisal methods.

Business Cases

Business cases are required by the NZ Transport Agency to provided evidence that a project is aligned with the Government Policy Statement in order to receive funding from the National Land Transport Fund.    We have experience in compiling all parts of business cases including Strategic Fit, Effectiveness and Benefit and Cost Appraisal.  We are also available to assist further with developing risk registers and other key documentation that may be required to support your funding application.