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Traffic engineering involves understanding the demands and physical constraints of the environment, then creating a thoroughly considered solution.

These solutions must factor in both user needs and the environment, and reflect a balance between statistical evidence and practical knowledge.


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Design and Advice

Designing transport infrastructure revolves around creating safe, efficient, and cost effective systems. It’s a specialised task requiring the application of design criteria combined with sound judgment relating to the local environment and the travel demands. Our team are actively engaged in a range of projects, from shopping centre and industrial sites to residential subdivisions; from port (sea, land and air) operations, freight vehicle movements and truck loading bays to the layouts of intersections and car parks. 

Intersection Design

Our experienced designers are highly skilled in AutoCAD and are able to analyse the site demands and constraints, prepare viable options and assess them against project objectives. Often this involves using design software such as SIDRA Intersection to inform the option selection and AutoTurn to accurately assess the feasibility of turning vehicles.  

We are competent at designing roundabouts, traffic signals and priority intersections. Where an innovative solution may be required we are prepared to look beyond standard practice. We also undertake safety audits of improvements schemes as well as peer reviews of design proposals.

Traffic Signals

We can provide particular specialist expertise in the design and implementation of traffic signals. We can design signal control solutions either with our without SCATS at intersections, crossing locations and narrow bridges, and develop strategies for particular signal priorities, such as for public transport, cyclists and pedestrians.  We are experienced in setting out signal equipment, liaising with signal specialists at Local Authorities and supervising signals contractors up to commissioning.

Car Park Layouts

Providing a functional parking layout that is efficient and safe can often be challenging. We design layouts that may be open sites intended for customers, employees or residents, and for industrial purposes such as for bus storage or trucks. We are experienced in car parks that are constrained by columns, ramps and walls and provide detailed designs to maximise the use of constrained parking space. Our specialist expertise in cycling and parking strategies complement achieving a high quality solution.

3D Design

We can look at designs in three dimensions. For example, we recently helped a client understand the impact of changes in grade at their access in relation to the available overhead space in their loading area.   Produced from a simple long section sketch, this 3D swept path demonstrates the exiting vehicle traversing over successive changes in grade whilst turning right and then left. This simulation takes into account not only the turning capabilities of the vehicle, but also the changes in pitch and roll of the trailer as it navigates the terrain. 

 Semi Trailer Sim

Traffic surveys

Understanding the current traffic environment is critical to every traffic engineering project. We conduct traffic surveys to gain this, either to quantify transport activity or human behaviour. We collect data such as traffic volumes, speed and modal classification, origin-destination, queue length, gap acceptance and patronage surveys.  We are able to design survey methodologies, undertake surveys and analyse the data.