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Transport planning considers the relationship between transport and land use and looks at how best to create efficient and effective systems by balancing economic, social and environmental concerns.

We’re experts when it comes to balancing the logistical demands of our clients with the ongoing needs of the wider community, managing the various elements to design and deliver sustainable transport systems.

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Resource consent

Establishing the viability of a project often requires an indepth understanding of the effects that project is likely to have on the existing transport network. We provide independent advice for developers and planning authorities, analysing transport effects for both new and existing developments, reviewing local, regional and national policy documents and providing recommendations and strategic thinking to overcome challenges. Our vastly experienced team can anticipate problems before they occur and can act as expert witnesses at hearings and the Environment Court

Integrated transport assessments

Combining access to the right data, experience with a broad range of land uses, and our ability to understand the development process from all sides of the equation we provide valuable insights into the fresh demands and new opportunities proposed developments will bring. Assessing the impact a new development will have on transport systems contributes to a deeper understanding of sustainable travel patterns, and helps inform the resource consent process. We’re highly-regarded when it comes to multi-modal transportation assessments and have considerable experience with residential, commercial, retail, industrial, community and mix-use development projects.

Transport mode investigations and studies

The ever-increasing price of oil and a growing awareness of the transport issues affecting our cities creates an ongoing need for studies into alternate modes of transport. Transport mode investigations and studies are used to collect information relating to the number of people using each mode of transport, and the reasons behind their choices. They consider accessibility to different modes and determine where problems in the existing network lie, ultimately arming our team with the data they need to develop innovative and forward-thinking transport strategies.

Travel Plans

A Travel Plan is a package of actions for a school, workplace or other organisation to encourage healthy, safe and sustainable travel. Travel Plans have a range of benefits, for example, encouraging children to travel by active modes to school assists with reducing congestion, and creating good habits for the future.  Our team can assist with developing and implementing a Travel Plan that is tailored to your needs including identifying parking, public transport and active modes requirements.