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Steve Abley - Managing Director


Direct:  +64 3 367 9003
Mobile:  +64 21 556 864

Email:  steve.abley@abley.com
Steve has a very successful career assisting decision makers with pre-eminent technical advice...

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Paul Durdin - Director


Direct:  +64 3 367 9004
Mobile:  +64 27 302 4313

Email:  paul.durdin@abley.com
BE(Hons) CMEngNZ CPEng MInstD
Paul is a nationally recognised expert with specialist skills in the areas of road safety, strategic and integrated transport planning...

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Colin MacArthur - Associate Director


Direct:  +64 9 281 2175
Mobile:  +64 21 825 979

Email:  colin.macarthur@abley.com
Colin has management and leadership experience of geographically disbursed teams...

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Ann-Marie Head - Associate

SetWidth200 ANNEM43

Direct:  +64 3 367 9005
Mobile:  +64 22 683 1004

Email:  ann-marie.head@abley.com
BE(Hons) CMEngNZ CPEng IntPE(NZ) 
Ann-Marie is a Chartered Professional Engineer with considerable experience in consultancy providing transportation planning...

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Chris Morris - Associate

Chris Formal Grey Low

Direct:  +64 9 281 2178
Mobile:  +64 27 552 903

Email:  chris.morris@interpret.co.nz
MSc (GIS) BA (Hons) Urban Studies PGDip Town & Regional Planning
Chris completed an honours degree in Urban Studies, following it up with a diploma in Town Planning where he learnt how GIS could play a role in planning and analysing the environment.

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Dave Smith - Associate


Direct:  +64 3 367 9001
Mobile:  +64 21 864 461

Email:  dave.smith@abley.com
MPhil BTech(Hons) CMILT
Dave has a wealth of experience as a strategic transport modeller...

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Jeanette Ward - Associate


Direct:  +64 3 367 9002
Mobile:  +64 21 296 9524

Email:  jeanette.ward@abley.com
Jeanette has vast experience in the transportation industry including streetscape urban design and project management...

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Alex Oulton - Principal FME Specialist

Alex Formal Grey low

Direct:  +64 3 371 0035
Mobile:  +64 27 302 4343

Email:  alex.oulton@interpret.co.nz
MSc (GIS), BSC (Hons)
Alex spent a number of years working for the European Environment Agency in Copenhagen as a spatial consultant, before returning to the UK to work as a technical lead in the Nuclear industry.

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Matthew Noon - Associate

Matthew Formal Grey Low

Direct:  +64 3 371 0037
Mobile:  +64 22 0368 398

Email:  matthew.noon@abley.com
Matthew is highly experienced in sustainable transportation systems, particularly with regard to public transport, electro-mobility and urban realm improvements.

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Todd Davis - Associate

Todd Formal Grey low

Direct:  +64 3 371 0036
Mobile:  +64 27 418 5444

Email:  todd.davis@interpret.co.nz
Todd has significant experience as a GIS consultant working on a wide range of engineering, land, survey and asset management projects.

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Dale Harris - Principal GIS Consultant


Direct:  +64 3 367 9071

Email:  dale.harris@abley.com
Dale has just completed a Postgraduate Diploma of Arts in GIS from Massey University, after completing her Masters of Applied Science...

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Jo Draper - Principal Transportation Planner

Jo formal grey low

Direct:  +64 9 281 2177
Mobile:  +64 21 270 4516

Email:  Jo.Draper@abley.com
MSc BSc (Hons)
Jo is an experienced Transport Planner with a strong project management background on projects ranging from very large to small in both public and private sectors.

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Natalie Scott - Principal GIS Consultant

Natalie Formal Grey Low

Direct:  +64 9 281 2180
Mobile:  +64 27 357 7809

Email:  natalie.scott@interpret.co.nz
BSc Geography/ Biology
Natalie is an experienced spatial professional with a background in geography and biology.

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Stacy Rendall - Principal Spatial Researcher

Stacey formal grey low

Direct:  +64 3 371 0033
Mobile:  +64 27 900 0918

Email:  stacy.rendall@interpret.co.nz
PhD, BE (Hons)
Stacy is a research specialist with a combination of postdoctoral and professional experience working on projects that bring together a variety of fields including GIS, transport, systems engineering, modelling, programming for data manipulation and analysis, and web development.

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Stephen Carruthers - Principal Transportation Planner

Steve formal Grey low res

Direct:  +64 3 371 0039
Mobile:  +64 21 672 058

Email:  stephen.carruthers@abley.com
PGCertEng BCom
Stephen has significant experience in transport planning and project delivery for local and central government agencies for both road and water infrastructure.

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Andrew Wilson - Senior Engineering Technologist


Direct:  +64 3 367 9077

Email:  andrew.wilson@abley.com
Dip 3D Animation, Cert CAD
Andrew has gained considerable experience providing technical draughting on transportation engineering projects...

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Brett Lackey - Senior GIS Consultant

Brett Formal Grey low

Direct:  +64 3 367 9070

Email:  brett.lackey@interpret.co.nz
MA, BA (Geography)
Brett earned his Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning, including an interdisciplinary certificate in GIS, from the University of Florida.

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Bridget Southey-Jensen - Senior Transportation Engineer

BridgetSJ Formal grey High

Direct:  +64 3 367 9079

Email:  bridget.southey-jensen@abley.com
Bridget completed her Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering (Hons) at the...

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Carl O'Neil - Senior Transportation Engineer

Carl Formal Grey High

Direct:  +64 371 0030

Email:  carl.oneil@abley.com
Carl recently graduated from the University of Canterbury with an...

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Daniel Nutsford - Senior GIS Consultant

Daniel formal grey low

Direct:  09 281 2186

Email:  daniel.nutsford@interpret.co.nz
Daniel recently joined the team as a GIS Consultant. He obtained his Masters in GIS at the University of Canterbury and made a significant contribution to the health geography field with his research on the influence natural environments have on mental health within an urban context.

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Hamish Kingsbury - Senior GIS Consultant

Hamish formal grey low

Direct:  +64 3 367 9082

Email:  hamish.kingsbury@interpret.co.nz
BSC (Geography) PGDip GIS
Hamish joined us last summer as a GIS Intern whilst he finished his Post Graduate Diploma (PGDip) in GIS. Recently, he completed his study and now joins us full time as a Graduate GIS Consultant.

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Haris Zia - Senior Transportation Engineer


Direct:  +64 3 371 0032

Email:  haris.zia@abley.com
BE (Hons) MEngNZ
Haris has developed his skills working in consultancy, contributing to the provision of transport engineering advice...

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Kaushi Vijay - Senior GIS Developer

Kaushi Formal Grey Low

Direct:  +64 3 367 9075

Email:  kaushi.vijay@interpret.co.nz
BSc (Mathematics) GD IT
Kaushi is a Developer with strong problem solving and analytical skills. She completed Graduate Diploma in IT in Auckland and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics.

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Jared White - Senior Transportation Engineer


Direct:  +64 3 367 9074

Email:  jared.white@abley.com
BE(Hons) MEngNZ
Jared is a Senior Transportation Engineer with consulting experience in the traffic modelling...

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Jay Baththana - Senior Transportation Engineer

Jay formal grey low

Direct:  +64 3 371 0034

Email:  jay.baththana@abley.com
MEngSt (Hons) BSc
Jay is a Senior Transportation Engineer who specialises in Development Planning and Road Safety.

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Penny Gray - Senior Transportation Engineer

Penny formal grey low

Direct:  +64 3 378 0020

Email:  penny.gray@abley.com
PGCertEng BSurv
Penny has experience working for private and public sector clients across NZ and the UK. She has been involved in a wide range of transportation projects where she has gained experience in traffic engineering design, speed management interventions, consultation, cycleway design and project management of transport projects.

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Subodh Dhakal - Senior GIS Consultant


Direct:  +64 3 367 9007
Mobile:  +64 21 029 36962

Email:  subodh.dhakal@interpret.co.nz
Subodh is a graduate of the University of Canterbury where he finished a Post Graduate Diploma in GIS. Prior...

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Tracy Fleming - Senior Transportation Engineer


Direct:  +64 3 367 9086

Email:  tracy.fleming@abley.com
MSc(Hons) BA(Hons)
Tracy has worked for both local councils and the private sector transport industry in New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Ireland...

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Wendy Wee - Senior Transportation Engineer

WENDY Formal Grey

Direct:  +64 3 367 9085

Email:  wendy.wee@abley.com
BE (Hons) MEngNZ
Wendy has worked in New Zealand as a Transportation Engineer after...

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Ella Mroczek - GIS Consultant

Ella Formal Grey low

Direct:  +64 9 3204983

Email:  Ella.Mroczek@interpret.co.nz
BSc (Geography)
Ella has a background in geography and graduated with a bachelor of science from Victoria University of Wellington in 2015.

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Eranga Dasanayaka - Transportation Engineer

Eranga Formal Grey Low

Direct:  +64 9 281 2185

Email:  Eranga.Dasanayaka@abley.com
Eranga completed his Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering from the University of Queensland. Before joining Abley, Eranga worked as a Graduate Engineer with the New Zealand Transport Agency.

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Godfrey Huang - Developer

Godfrey Formal Grey low

Direct:  +64 3 367 9075

Email:  godfrey.huang@interpret.co.nz
Godfrey is a multi-skilled developer with experience relating to all aspects of software development from requirement analysis, project planning and troubleshooting.

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Ravindu Fernando - Transportation Engineer

Rav formal grey low

Direct:  +64 3 367 9085

Email:  Ravindu.Fernando@abley.com
Ravindu completed his studies at the University of Canterbury in 2015, and graduated with an honours degree in Civil engineering.

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Rahul Kumar - Transportation Engineer

Rahul Formal low

Direct:  +64 9 281 2176

Email:  rahul.kumar@abley.com
BE (Hons)
Rahul completed his Civil Engineering degree with Honours at the University of Auckland in 2015. During his studies, he obtained experience working in the construction industry as a project coordinator where he worked in a team to deliver mid-sized residential and commercial projects.

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Robert Poynter - GIS Consultant

Robert Formal Grey Low

Direct:  +64 3 367 9089

Email:  robert.poynter@interpret.co.nz
Having recently graduated with a Master’s in GIS, Robert has joined Interpret as a Graduate Consultant. Throughout the course of his studies, Robert gained experience in a wide range of geospatial techniques, including spatial analysis, remote sensing, cartography and research.

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Shane Ingley - Transportation Engineer

Shane formal grey low

Direct:  +64 9 281 2179

Email:  shane.ingley@abley.com
BE (Hons)
Shane is a recent graduate of the University of Auckland with an honours degree in Civil Engineering. Shane previously worked in the banking industry before taking on the challenge of a career change to engineering, and found a particular interest in transportation.

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Steve Ford - GIS Consultant

SteveF Formal Grey Low

Direct:  +64 3 367 9008

Email:  stephen.ford@interpret.co.nz
BSc (Computer Science and Geography) PGDip GIS
Steve studied computer science and geography in his undergraduate degree at the University of Canterbury, graduating in 2016.

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Nick Dragunow - Graduate GIS Consultant

Nick formal grey low

Direct:  +64 9 320 5010

Email:  nick.dragunow@interpret.co.nz
BA (Criminology) BSc (Computer Science, GIS)
Nick completed back to back undergraduate degrees at the University of Auckland before joining Interpret in mid-2017.

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Rebecca Tuke - Graduate Transportation Engineer

Becky formal grey low res

Email:  Rebecca.Tuke@abley.com
BE (Hons)
Becky completed an honours degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Canterbury at the end of 2017.

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Nichola Blue - Operations Manager


Direct:  +64 3 367 9006

Email:  nichola.blue@abley.com
Nichola is an experienced administrator and is very customer-focused, delivering fantastic...

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David Gould - IT Systems Administrator

David Formal Grey low

Direct:  +64 3 367 9084

Email:  david.gould@abley.com

David is an IT Professional who has used his service delivery skills and infrastructure knowledge to champion best practice in the industry.

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Mel Gurden - Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Mel Formal Grey Low

Direct:  +64 3 367 9081

Email:  melanie.gurden@abley.com
Mel is a seasoned Marketing and Communications professional with experience in communications, event management, digital and strategic marketing across a number of sectors.

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Rochelle Rees - Finance Analyst

ROCHELLE formal grey low

Direct:  +64 3 367 9076

Email:  rochelle.rees@abley.com
BSc BComm
Rochelle comes from a project management background where she was involved in the planning and administration of earthquake repair projects.

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Jess Kelleher - Finance Administrator

Jess formal grey low

Direct:  +64 3 367 9073

Email:  Jessica.Kelleher@abley.com
Jess comes from a legal background, where her extensive administration and legislative experience provide an excellent foundation for a transition into financial administration.

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Vanessa Sears - Office Administrator

VANESSA formal grey low

Direct:  +64 3 367 9009

Email:  vanessa.sears@abley.com
Vanessa is an experienced administrator with strong organisational and time management skills.

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