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About Abley

Abley is a specialist professional services company with unrivalled abilities in transportation planning and engineering, spatial and data intelligence. We empower our clients to make effective decisions by providing clear, insightful advice.

With a legacy of transportation and spatial capabilities, we are recognised on the world stage for our agile approach, innovative thinking and inquisitive minds.

Proudly New Zealand owned and operated, we work alongside our domestic and international clients to empower them to make well-informed decisions for their organisations.

Trusted for our deep knowledge, diverse skillset and refreshingly nimble approach, we are passionate about using our expertise to enhance and improve the world we live in.

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Featured Project

HAPAI – Low Cost Low Risk Improvements Tool

HAPAI – Low Cost Low Risk Improvements Tool

The ChallengeThis workflow involves contract areas and consultants to apply for funding for low cost low risk improvements. The workflow also involves the NZ Transport Agency authorised personnel to analyse the projects, prioritise and approve fundin...

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Story maps Feature Training Creating Story Maps with ArcGIS

Storytelling using location technology

There's some debate in the scientific fraternity as to when humans first started to speak to each other. Estimates differ wildly from as long ago as 2 million years and the beginning of the human genus, or a little over 50,000 years ago. But regardle...

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