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About Abley

Abley is a specialist professional services company with unrivalled abilities in transportation planning and engineering, spatial and data intelligence. We empower our clients to make effective decisions by providing clear, insightful advice.

With a legacy of transportation and spatial capabilities, we are recognised on the world stage for our agile approach, innovative thinking and inquisitive minds.

Proudly New Zealand owned and operated, we work alongside our domestic and international clients to empower them to make well-informed decisions for their organisations.

Trusted for our deep knowledge, diverse skillset and refreshingly nimble approach, we are passionate about using our expertise to enhance and improve the world we live in.

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Featured Project

Road Risk Assessment for Speed Management

The ChallengeInappropriate or excessive speed is a major road safety issue. Effective speed management is fundamental and critical to reducing speed-related road trauma. 

Speed limit setting is at the core of speed management. Speed limits need to b...

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Latest News

Computer vision sampling

Selecting the right data for computer vision

In our previous computer vision blog, we talked about how big data can be managed in the context of computer vision. As part of that discussion, we mentioned that selecting a smaller sample from a much later dataset can be a practical strategy for ha...

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