Posted on: March 8, 2016 at 11:18 AM    

Recently five Abley staff members had abstracts accepted for the 2016 Walk and Cycle Conference. All abstracts focused on improving safety and provision for cyclists, pedestrians and people with disabilities using our roads. Dave Smith will present ‘A smarter tool for selecting safe and effective pedestrian crossings’ , Jeanette Ward will present ‘Cycle parking revolution’, Bridget Southey-Jensen will present ‘Cycle safety at intersections’, Ann-Marie Head will present ‘Cycle route choice - Optimising safety and efficiency for people who cycle’, and Tracy Fleming will present ‘Improving the transport environment for people with disabilities’. Congratulations to these staff for their good work. The 2016 2 Walk and Cycle Conference is being held in Auckland 6 - 8 July.

2 Walk and Cycle 2016