Posted on: February 10, 2016 at 2:18 PM    

A number of recent publications (Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Engineering E2E and NZ Herald) focus on flexible working practices within small businesses and how Abley in particular has embraced this. While this is not a deliberate strategy, it has come about because Steve Abley and fellow director Paul Durdin, who all have young families, understand the need for flexible working arrangements.  This allows staff to accommodate their families and outside interests. This understanding attitude has paid off. In an industry where good talent is highly sought after, Abley has exceptionally high retention rates among staff. In addition, Abley has a very even gender split, which is unusual for an engineering company.  Almost every woman who has taken maternity leave, has returned in at least a part time role.

Abley’s diverse workforce is a positive by-product of this strategy. While recruiting is always based on merit, cultural and geographical diversity is encouraged at Abley. Besides New Zealanders, our staff come from Australia, China, Czech Republic, England, India, Ireland, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, South Africa and the USA. This diversity makes the company an interesting and dynamic place to work that keeps the creative juices flowing.  It can also create some interesting rivalries within the office, particularly in the sporting arena! While we work hard we also make time for fun. One of our recent dress up days (pictured) celebrates a return to the 80s.


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