Posted on: June 19, 2019 at 12:46 PM    

Last week some members of our transportation team visited a high school that we provided advice for during the site selection, Notice of Requirement and rebuild processes.  Abley has been involved in a number of school rebuild/design projects so this kind of exercise allows a review of how things work on the ground, once the project has been completed and is up and running. 

School transport peaks are highly concentrated, we understand that.  But to see how intense it was for around 10 minutes, with relative calm returning in about 15 minutes, was a good learning for the team.  Often the community worry that traffic congestion and incidents will result from a school being in their local network.  The reality is that it’s a short-lived activity that occurs at the beginning and end of each school day during the school term and can be managed with good design and protocols in place. 

Another issue raised by the community regarding high schools are the senior students who drive to school and park nearby, often on residential streets.  But again, in the big scheme of things these students are only parking during the 6-hour window of school time, freeing up those spaces for residents returning home from work later in the day.

The key things our team observed were:

  • not all bus drivers corner entry and exit points of one-way drop off/pick up areas are the same (one managed to ride the kerb, the others were fine!)
  • pupils need lots of space while waiting for buses as they cluster in social groups to catch up while waiting
  • drivers on the road frontage appeared happy to wait for pupils to cross the road under a courtesy arrangement (the high number of students crossing at the refuges meant drivers essentially were outnumbered!)
  • students walking and cycling seemed to mix well on the shared paths.

All in all, it was a worthwhile outing for the team, despite the miserable weather!

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Blog written by Jeanette Ward, Technical Director, Transportation Engineering

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