Posted on: October 16, 2019 at 1:31 PM    

The Abley rowing team had a great time taking part in the Canterbury Rowing Club 2019 Corporate Challenge.

After a whirlwind four weeks of training, we were stoked with our middle-of-the-pack results at the indoor competition last Wednesday and the regatta on Sunday. Nineteen teams and about 200 people competing made for some tough competition and great energy on the sidelines.

The indoor competition involved relays with each person sprinting for 250m on the rowing machine. It’s safe to say we mastered our changeovers, thanks to some dramatic practices of diving on and off the machine with the team coach - Daisy-Bea Scrase. We were happy to set a new personal best at the competition, with a time of 6:31 for 2km. That’s 18.4km/h and only 24 seconds off the NZ record for the 2km relay (although that was with four people doing 500m each)!

rowing pic1

The sun came out just in time for the regatta yesterday. Our first race against ended up being critical, with ANZ creeping ahead of us and going on to win the competition! We took a brilliant win in our second race. This was followed by an action-packed third race, with an unfortunate start causing us to battle down the course with a missing seat and just seven people rowing.

rowing pic2


A special thanks to Steve Ford for captaining the Abley team for a second year, and to Bridget Carden, Nichola Blue, Matt Allan, Jess Kelleher, Ben Jassin, Charlotte Harris and Fraser Dixon for getting amongst it!

rowing pic3

With six new people in the team we still made a huge improvement from last year. I’m hopeful we’ll be back for more next year!


rowing pic4