Posted on: October 13, 2015 at 11:39 AM    

Paul Durdin and Bridget Southey Jensen presented at the recent 2015 Traffinz Conference in Dunedin. This year, the conference had a strong safety focus. Their presentation on ‘Safe System Auditing’, challenged decision makers and the independent Road Safety Audit (RSA) by questioning whether the current safety audit really ensures safe systems. They highlighted design failures, questioned whether the latest guidelines were being followed and suggested low cost concept RSAs were not being followed. Abley’s ‘spirited and passionate’ presentation (John Gottler, Vice President Traffinz) provided recommendations to improve the current safety audit system. Traffinz supports the challenge and has already acted on some of the recommendations put forward by speaking with safety partners on a way forward. This is another example of how Abley is leading the way in driving positive change towards safer transport networks. You can read the latest Traffinz Newsletter here.

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