Posted on: September 1, 2017 at 9:13 AM    

Sadly, it's time to say farewell and all the best for a happy retirement to Ross Rutherford from our Auckland office.

Ross has been with Abley for almost two years and has enjoyed a successful career as a Transportation Planner.   Ross says he will miss the Abley team and his clients but he is very much looking forward to retirement.  He believes Abley is fortunate to have many intelligent, forward thinking people and they have managed to develop a niche in a very competitive market.   

Ross once read an article titled “Never Retire” which stated that retirement must not be seen as being the end of having a useful life.  Instead it should be seen as providing new opportunities for contributing, and for doing some of the things you wanted to but never seemed to have the time for in the past.  

20170830 104238 002 Ross Farewell 2

20170830 105728 Ross farewell