Posted on: February 5, 2016 at 1:26 PM    

On Wednesday 20th January, four of the Abley team (henceforth to be known as The Ablifiers) took part in the room escape game at EscapadeNZ on Victoria Street in Auckland.

These popular games involve being ‘locked’ in a room full of a series of puzzles and clues and attempting to solve the room and find a way out within an hour.  Up to three hints are able to be requested without compromising the revered “Sherlock” score.  While the content of the puzzles is top secret, we can say that it required the entire intellectual faculties of four engineers to beat the challenge and make it out alive – without once resorting to the hint system!  The Ablifiers were delighted to be informed by the enthusiastic Escapade hosts that the time of 47 minutes with no hints was “almost unheard of” for first-time escapees.  A true team problem-solving effort! 

Auckland Office Escape Game