Posted on: April 28, 2018 at 4:17 PM    

Written by Nick Dragunow, Graduate Spatial Analyst

Our Auckland crew are famous for our fast-paced waterborne hobbies. Whether drinking it, using it to clean our awards, or having it fall upon us as we run for the bus, we’re constantly immersing ourselves in the city’s favourite element.

We decided to branch out with a trip to Goat Island on Sunday 15th April, which is a marine reserve located an hour's drive north of Auckland. Well known for its beautiful beaches, Goat Island is a paradise for those with fins – fish and human alike.

Arriving in the township of Leigh was a relief – rather than buckling under an Autumn storm like most of the North Island, we were baking in sunshine. We took to the sea, where poor visibility failed to dampen our excitement. A respectable range of fish were identified: snapper, leather jackets, goat fish and stingrays, to name a few I recognised from the DOC website.

Fingers too pruned to hazard the drive home, we stopped for pizzas at the Leigh Sawmill Café, where Carnivorous Plant Society were setting up for a night of musical hijinks. A lazy but enjoyable afternoon was had by all, but all too soon we were back in the big smoke of Auckland.

Thanks to all who came along, and to our social club for funding fuel for both swimmers and their vehicles.

Goat island small