Posted on: November 16, 2016 at 9:31 AM    

Well done to Haris Zia, who had his award-winning paper published in the Australasian College of Road Safety (ACRS) journal.  Haris won “Best Paper by a New Practitioner” at the ACRS Awards held 6-8 September 2016 in Canberra.  The paper presents a geospatial process to automate the calculation of Infrastucture Risk Rating (IRR), which is an important tool for NZ Transport Agency's Speed Management Guide.

To read the paper "An automated process of identifying high-risk roads for speed management intervention" by Haris Zia, Paul Durdin and Dale Harris, download the ACRS Journal (November 2016) and refer to pages 43-48.


Haris award ACRS

ACRS Journal