Posted on: April 22, 2015 at 10:21 AM    

At Abley we like to have a bit of fun in our downtime.  Recently our lunch breaks have been busy with the Abley Badminton Tournament, hosted in the warehouse attached to our office.  The tournament kicked off with a singles competition, and with this being a huge hit, was followed by a doubles competition. Between the two tournaments nearly everyone in the Christchurch office participated.

The finalists in the singles competition were a true reflection of the gender mix of the office, with Jared White competing against Natalie Scott.  Jared took out the honours on the day.  This competition gave everyone a taste for more action, so the doubles competition followed shortly after this.  Just to add to the excitement, doubles partners were drawn from a hat.

Two pools of five teams in each pool, narrowed itself down to semi-finalists in no time.  The only unbeaten team, from pool A were Paul Durdin and Nicole Bennett who were warm favourites going into the semis. Pool B winners were Anna Wright and Subodh Dhakal and runners-up from each pool were Nichola Blue and Haris Zia and Jeanette Ward and Carl O’Neil from each respective pool. The semis gave us some interesting results with the runners-up from each pool beating their more fancied opponents.  The final quite rightly ended up being the game of the tournament, with the game going to three sets with the Blue/Zia combination snatching victory from the jaws of defeat in an epic 21-19 scoreline.  

Badminton Champs